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March 19th was the Spring Equinox - It's Time to Sail!

March 20, 2024 by jarndt
Velos sailing in MEXORC in Banderos Bay Mexico.

The March 19th Spring Equinox happens when the sun crosses the equator on its trip north for the Northern Hemisphere summer. For much of the sailing world it's time to shake off the winter boat covers and prepare for the sailing season ahead. 

Spring Equinox Sailstice Map
The first sailors of the 2024 Summer Sailstice have already signed up. How about you? 

The official kick-off date for summer sailing is this year's June 22, Summer Sailstice celebration of sailing. Start planning now by posting your sailing intentions on the Summer Sailstice map. The current map has the early birds getting ready to sail with participants in the South Pacific (where it will be 'winter' on Summer Sailstice) and up to New England where the Newport Bermuda Race and Edgartown Race Week will be underway. 

Summer Sailstice Weekend Map
By Summer Sailstice on June 22 the planet will have filled up with sailors. Hope you can join us. 


Summer Sailstice sailors have traveled around the sun 24 almost times since the first Summer Sailstice was celebrated in 2001. If you're looking to partner with sailing organizations worldwide to grow participation in sailing the place to start is by rallying your club, fleet, region, class association and friends to all get on board for the first day of summer. If you start your summer sailing it will be habit forming. 

Youth sailing is underway.
It's time to get the kids out on the water, in a sailboat and back out in nature. Make sure they join you for Summer Sailstice. Photo Credit: John 

Can you top this? The world's highest Summer Sailstice in Lake Dillon, CO is already signed up too. They sail out of Dillon Marina at 9,017 feet above sea level. 

The sun is inching its way towards Northern California sailors every day until Friday night, June 21st when you'll have the chance to join the world sailing on Summer Sailstice weekend with more daylight sailing hours than any other weekend of the year. What's your club doing? And what will you be sailing? Put it on the map here

Do you need a boat to celebrate? All you really need is a boat to sail on. You can find some resources for finding crew positions here

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