Raise Your Sails to Win Big

March 16, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

Our sights on Sailstice. We are planning our days, calling our friends, and rallying our fleets. Sailstice turns 21 on June 19th, 2021, and we are ready to Sailabrate. But we can't celebrate sailing alone.


We want sailors around the globe to unite. We want to see sails up across every ocean, lake, river, and waterway that sailing is possible. We want to see people exposed to sailing that otherwise might never have gotten the 'bug'. Sailing has changed our lives, and we know that getting our sails up has the possibility to change not just our lives, but the world. 

So why do you participate in Summer Sailstice? First off, because it is fun. It is a way to sail and connect with sailors around the world without being together. It is an excuse to get out and celebrate the lonest day on the water (as if we needed an excuse!). It unites us as a community of global sailors. And of course, there are the prizes. So far this year, we have prizes from Latitudes & Attitudes, San Juan SailingSpinSheet Chesapeake Bay Sailing, New England Ropes, Good Old Boat, Beneteau, and Weather Routing, with more coming in every single day. 

Sunset on Sailstice

So how do you participate in the funnest sailing event of the year and win prizes? It is SO simple. Sign up for Sailstice and put in a plan. 

Make it more fun by inviting your sailing friends around the world. Sign up for Sails up on June 19th, 2021. 


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