Sailing Movies Not to Miss: Ambassador Edition

March 24, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

One of the many questions we asked our Ambassadors was what was their favorite sailing movies. We got a lot of great answers. Though a few were favored by multiple sailors, we had a few suggestions that we have not watched, and maybe you haven't either. We thought we would share them with you, so you have a variety to choose from on your next movie night. Here they are in no particular order. 



Summer Sailstice Ambassadors 2021 Movie Favorites

  1. Morning Light voted by our newest ambassador Henry Meiser (his profile coming soon!) and Sailing Avocet
  2. Kenneth Branagh's Shackleton and Tim Jarvis's Chasing Shackleton voted by Randall Reeves
  3. Masquerade voted by Molly Winans
  4.  Wind voted by Kim PaternosterTrisha McElroy, Sailing Avocet, & Marc Meyer
  5. Captain Ron voted by Julien Hofberg, Sailing Avocet, Nicki Bennett, Gail Turluck, Heidi Frist
  6. Maiden Voyage by Sonya David & Jack Patton
  7. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker voted by Brandon Mercer
  8. My Sailstice Challenge entry from last year! voted by Dave Bloch
  9. Captains Courageous voted by Christine Weaver
  10. Warren Miller's "Hot Yachts Cold Water" voted by Rosanne de Vries
  11. Riddle of the Sands voted by Milly Biller
  12. Dove voted by John Arndt
  13. The Mercy voted by Shelly Willard
  14. The Life Aquatic voted by Shelly Willard


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